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Feature credits include:  Outside, Health, Executive Traveler, Scientific American: Discovering Archaeology, Good Housekeeping, and a wine column entitled I Married a Wine Snob

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Executive Traveler

Photos & Copy
Feature article about visiting Napa Valley for the first time, including the French Laundry.  Told from the perspective of an executive traveling alone on business.  

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Outside magazine

"Dispatches" recounting the Arctic expedition Ice Challenger, attempting to drive across the Bering Strait.  Find a link to the accompanying feature film, entitled Ice Challenger , under Films & Promos.


Scientific American: Discovering Archaeology

Photos & Copy
Feature following a successful Peruvian expedition of archaeologist Dr. Johan Reinhard. Celia field-prodced the accompanying 16mm film series, The Andes, for Discovery.

More Samples

Outside magazine:

"Wedded Blisters"

"Ivan the Terrible"

"Russian Red Tape"

I Married a Wine Snob

27 bi-weekly syndicated wine columns, underwritten by the Sonoma Valley Sun

Please enquire for column samples.